Swarovski Crystals - Behind the Elegance & Glamour

A big thank you to all our customers who have supported the Paul Taylor Swarovski Crystal Collection. Without you getting behind the elegance and glamour that it provides and having the understanding of the limitations of such a design, that has more than 300 Swarovski Crystals in each piece, it would not be possible to have the enormous success it posses now and will continue to have in the future.

We are onto the third production of the Paul Taylor Swarovski Crystal collection. We expect this to be completed in the first quarter of 2022 and with the first two production runs all but sold out, we are now desperate to having this back in collection!

The Swarovski Crystal collection is delicate and needs to be treated and handled with care. The way customers handle them is above and beyond our control. They are fragile. If they are dropped the crystals can become dislodged. If they are touched or wiped over with cleaning cloths the Crystals can become dislodged. Customer care and information cards are sent out with all Paul Taylor Swarovski Crystal pieces which outline the product limitations. There is no warranty on wear and tear or the handling of these.

Before purchasing one of the Paul Taylor Swarovski Crystal designs, you need to be advised of these limitations, so you have no unrealistic expectations. The Swarovski Crystals can be easily repaired by the optician you purchased the frames from, which is the best approach as it can be attended to a lot faster. You also have the option of sending them to Paul Taylor Eyewear for repair. The repairs are done complimentary and you only pay for the freight. In the case that the design has been clearly mishandled a repair fee in this case would be applied. The repairs can not be done complimentary forever please note. If you are a person who handles their eyewear frequently and does not keep them safe and away from harm, we would suggest this product is not for you.

The manufacturers are continually making improvements to the processes and techniques in the mounting of the Swarovski Crystals. There will never ever be any guarantees that Swarovski Crystals will not become dislodged, that is impossible. The product is what it, a stunning, delicate piece of jewellery.

Paul Taylor wearers absolutely love the Paul Taylor Swarovski Crystal Designs.