About Paul Taylor

Paul Taylor's expansive career in the Optical Industry started from grass roots. It all began in a 4 year Apprenticeship, in Optical Mechanics. After developing and creating many skills in the making of Opthalmic prescription lenses for more than 9 years Paul decided to become an Optical Dispenser. It was here as an Optical Dispenser Paul discovered his talents in designing. Through his strong desires in helping others it became his destiny, designing beautiful eyewear and sunglasses. He then set out to become the benchmark in the Optical Retail Industry by creating a fun colourful experience for the fashion conscious eyewear buyers.

With Paul's acute attention to detail, coupled with his technical background skills, meant that no element in the design process is left untouched by Taylor himself. Quality and design are paramount, as are the enduring and beautiful materials used to construct each individual piece. Taylor's collections are manufactured to his exact standards in France, Italy, Germany, Australia and Japan. It's no surprise to find Taylor's enchanting mesmerizing designs have gained a cult following with celebrities, artists and a loyal client base in Australia and abroad who will only wear Paul Taylor eyewear & sunglasses. His clients are as diverse and unique as his designs!

The Timeless Collection includes Paul's most iconic designs. The classic signature piece that started the evolvement of the Paul Taylor brand was the M001 cats eye design. Expanding the collection to distinctive bold round eyes to the oozing character of the rectangular Hutchence design the Timeless Classics that have stood the test of time can all be seen here in this assemblage.

The Black Label Collection encompasses Taylor's most resent releases. It captures the glamor of the 50's through to this present day. Expect an irresistible colour palette including Paul's own signature Fire Engine Red acetate to an array of exciting colours that will tempt you to expand your eyewear and sunglasses wardrobe.

The PT Street Collection is a diffusion line where Paul Taylor continues to celebrate individuals who dare to be BOLD and want to stand out from the crowd.


The Paul Taylor story

The road to becoming a renowned eyewear designer wasn’t a straight one for Paul Taylor. Here’s how it unfolded…

An early start

Paul always had a knack for business though back at school his teacher’s may not have been pleased with how he chose to apply this natural talent. Paul was the playground bookie for the National Rugby League teams.

Paul also flexed his maths skills at home with his grandfather, who lived with him and bet on the horses every weekend. He taught Paul a thing or two about it. However, on losing $50 on the first bet he ever placed, Paul decided that perhaps he should apply his business mindset to something more profitable.

Bucking the trend

As teenage Paul got ready to leave school, his dad wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a dental technician. While Paul didn’t quite know what he wanted to do, he knew he didn’t want to do that. So he got out a career’s book, opened it up to a random page and pointed — there in black and white were the words “Optical Mechanic”.

It seemed the universe had pointed Paul in the right direction as he went on to secure an apprenticeship as an optical mechanic at American Optical.

A stroke of bad luck

Everything seemed set for Paul to build a career in the optical industry but two weeks after getting the job at American Optical, he got a call. The business had gone bust. 

Not one to be put off, Paul persevered and got another apprenticeship in Optical Mechanics at the Australian company OPSM. For four years, Paul dove into the manual work of tailor-making prescription lenses. 

He loved the hands-on work and took the next natural step of working in Optical Dispensing with independent Optometrists.

A little diversion

Paul was in his late twenties when the owner of the Optometrists he worked at offered him the position of Practice Manager. His answer? No. 

He wanted to travel the world. But his Optical skills would help with that. Working for an Optometrist & Ophthalmologist in London, UK, for 6 months, he earned enough money to travel around the rest of Europe, taking in the sights and sounds. His creative mind was brought to life. 

Seeking something more

Returning from his travels, Paul needed a change. He needed an outlet for his creativity. He was considering photography professionally as he already had the creative skills and an eye for capturing beauty in any form. And while he was mulling things over, he got yet another important call. 

It was from a company selling a budget line of eyewear, who wanted him to join, which he did. A few years later, Paul went on to become the Practice Manager at an Optometrist in Newtown, New South Wales, where he was inspired by fellow Optometrist, Cindy Tseu, who had a flair for the creative. 

It wouldn’t be long before Paul finally got the opportunity to design his first ever pair of frames.

Paul Taylor, the designer

One day a young lady walked into the Optometrists in Newtown where Paul managed. She was a student at the University of Sydney and wanted a pair of cat’s eye frames. She had searched around but came up empty, so Paul said he’d design a pair for her.

Right then and there, he drew the design and cut the shape out of cardboard. Holding it up to her face, she instantly loved it. They held hands and smiled, and Paul could feel the electricity in the air.

Eight weeks later, Paul’s first handmade eyewear creation, in daring red, was complete. Unfortunately, the girl for whom they were made never came back. Paul didn’t take a deposit from her and trusted totally in the process. 

These now-famous frames went onto the shelves in-store. The first lady who spotted them, screamed in glee at them and bought them within minutes. That mysterious uni student had guided him towards what would become a ground-breaking design, later worn by the likes of Paula Yates and Sarah Murdoch.

Cindy and Paul saw the potential that lay in front of them and opened a store together in what was then the centre of the Sydney fashion scene, Paddington. Paul Taylor Eyewear was born and today is a globally sold eyewear brand.