Customer Care Tips

  • When taking your eyewear or sunglasses off your face, this needs to be done with care and with two hands, straight forward and not across your face. Taking them off with one hand and across your face could eventually have the potential to weaken the acetate structure and then cause breakage from the repeated stress placed upon this area of your frames. The hinge won't break, be rest assured. The stress does however show up on the hinge structure where it is mounted into the ends of the acetate frame front and as mentioned, through the middle of the acetate frame front. If you hold your frames in front of your eyes and pull on one of the temple sides outwards, ever so slightly, you can then see where the stress is placed, in the middle of the frame front. This causes breakage through the wear and tear, if not taken off your face correctly. Wear and tear isn't covered by the manufacturer's warranty. If the hinge was to break within the warranty period, this is a component and is covered under the manufacturer's warranty. Paul Taylor designs are manufactured using the strongest hinge components available in the world. They are so sturdy they won't break unless you have a major accident. The acetate itself can only take so much pressure, there is no weakness in the material itself, if treated well and you follow the above tips they will last for decades.
  • When cleaning your prescription lenses use your Paul Taylor microfibre lens cleaning cloth. We also recommend that you rinse your eyewear & sunglasses with cold soapy water regularly to help break down any grime or perspiration build up, then gently wipe clean with a plain tissue and not one that contains aloe vera for example. You can also use a lens cleaning spray which also does the job perfectly.