Paul's enchanting and mesmerizing eyewear designs are one of the benchmarks in the optical retail industry. Manufactured to his exacting standards in Australia, France, Italy, Germany, Italy and Japan.

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Platinum Stockists Wholesale

To become or maintain Platinum Stockist status a minimum 12 piece holding is required at all times where you are entitled to a one on one rotation. This is not possible if you don't have 12 pieces in stock or if you haven’t updated your representation with the new collection releases for more than a 12 month period.

Take advantage of the membership and stock 20 pieces or more eyewear and receive 20 pieces of sunglasses on consignment. You will receive a one on one rotation. The stock holdings need to be kept at this level to receive a one on one rotation. Sold items need to be replaced monthly or as sold.

Benefits of being a Platinum Stockist
  • 30 Day terms from the Invoice date.
  • Approval eyewear & sunglasses can be ordered in for your customers to view and try on.
  • Favourable rotation on your stock purchases.
  • Lower Wholesale Prices.
  • All Sale Items 50% off the listed price on the website.

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